People have indeed started getting really excited about travelling abroad, more and more each year. If you take a look at some research projects, you will see that more than 1.2 people spent time abroad in the past year. These numbers are actually crazy because that would mean all of them would have either travelled mostly on flights or trains to go to other countries in 711 Kelab. That is awesome, indeed. I believe that we as humans need to explore our planet and see everything that it has to offer without causing it any harm. There are indeed a lot of benefits to travelling, but there are a few disadvantages as well. Travelling, as we all know, is full of ups and downs and rest assured the good does indeed outweigh the bad, even if we can call them bad. Here are some pros and cons of travelling.

Pros and Cons


  • When you go abroad, you will end up meeting new people from different cultures, and you can actually learn a lot from these people. You should travel, and you will become the newest member of the community of people that are also known as international jet setters.
  • You will explore new places, and you will be able to try so many new things and foods as well. The more you travel, the bigger the world gets. You will feel that there are so many places to go when you travel.
  • Your desire for adventure will be fueled by your wanderlust. When you travel, you will be forging new memories which will last forever.
  • You will be witnessing the beauty of nature and many other countries which you have no idea about.
  • You will have a whole new outlook on life, and you will also learn new ways to deal with things in your life.
  • You could find new things to do and also new hobbies to practice in your life. You will also see how many other cultures live.
  • Life is short; indeed; you will be doing something different. Do not be set in your ways; make sure you have new experiences.
  • It will help you build up your confidence levels.
  • You will also end up learning so much about yourself. So many people go on trips, and they come back learning a lot about themselves and they also come back with a whole new outlook on life.


  • Travelling can indeed be quite expensive.
  • You will be spending your hard-earned money when you travel.
  • You could possibly miss an important event or two back home.
  • You will be missing your friends and family.