Waikiki Sports and Recreation

Beach Exploration
There is no doubt that the island of Oahu and its beautiful city of Waikiki possess some of the best beaches for people to enjoy, explore, and as the native Hawaiians would say, "hang loose." From the World-renowned and populated Waikiki Beach to the more laid back and mellow Ala Moana Beach Park, there are many opportunities for families and individuals alike to take advantage of Waikiki's sandy coastline.

For both beginners and seasoned surfers, Waikiki, Hawaii has some awesome opportunities for individuals to hit the sea and ride the waves. There are many friendly, local businesses that offer affordable, long and short board rentals, as well as private and group surfing lessons to individuals who are just starting out in the sport. Surfing is a great opportunity for individuals to enjoy one of Oahu's top sports. Best of all, Waikiki features many seasonal surfing events and championships that can be observed and enjoyed as well.

Overall, Waikiki, Hawaii is known around the World for possessing some of the best snorkeling opportunities. This activity is great because people of many ages, fitness levels, and strengths can enjoy it. Aside from turquoise waters and an array of tropical fishes, sea turtles and colorful corals can also be encountered through snorkeling adventures here. Many local businesses offer gear rentals, which are relatively inexpensive.

All in all, there is no better way to enjoy the cool sea breezes and exceptional views of Waikiki, Hawaii, than through a parasailing experience. Parasailing is a very safe, easy, and affordable recreational opportunity that is offered by many local businesses in this area. The experience entails about an hour of gentle gliding over the coastline of Waikiki. Most parasailing experiences take place between 500 and 1,000 feet above the sea.

Submarine Adventure
For individuals who desire to explore the sea and its outstanding variety of creatures, a submarine ride in Waikiki, Hawaii offers the best opportunity. This is also a great activity for those who may wish to discover Oahu's aquatic environment without having to get wet in the process. Many local businesses offer excellent deals on submarine adventures that generally last an hour.

Waikiki, Hawaii is not only known for its warm weather and immaculate beaches, it is also World-renowned for obtaining some of the best shopping opportunities for individuals of every budget and taste. In general, Oahu and its natives are very supportive of locally-owned businesses, so there are many unique shops available for exploration. Waikiki does possess more traditional shopping outlets, however, which include a variety of designer and department stores as well.